Understanding Ag’s newest regenerative farming and ranching consultants (from left to right) Luke Jones, Doug Voss and Fernado Falomir.

Ft. Payne, AL (September 28, 2022) – Understanding Ag (UA), LLC announced that Luke Jones, Fernado Falomir, and Doug Voss have joined the regenerative agriculture firm’s expert team of farmer-consultants.

“This trio of professionals brings additional on-farm regenerative experience in three key agricultural sectors and geographic locations that will further enable UA to provide high-quality services to its expanding and diverse regenerative agriculture clientele,” said UA managing partner Shane New.

Jones, who holds an agricultural science degree from Western Illinois University, farms in west-central Illinois where he raises row crops and Australian White Sheep.

“I believe the best path forward for agriculture is to stop thinking of our farming operations on a year-to-year basis and start planning and building for down the road,” Jones said. “The more you dive in, the more enjoyment you’ll find as you become more connected with your operation—and you’ll find out just how powerful regenerative agriculture can be.”

A fifth-generation cattle rancher from Chihuahua, Mexico, Falomir studied biogeochemistry at the University of Colorado. Since graduating in 2009, he has learned from world-renowned grazers, traveling to countless ranches in diverse environments to find regenerative grazing principles work everywhere, including his own family’s ranch in Chihuahua.

“Switching to regenerative ranching/agriculture doesn’t need to be an expensive venture,” Falomir said. “The only thing required is the willingness to embrace nature and break every paradigm we have been led to believe. In my own experience, I know that regenerative ranching has the power to change the future of land stewardship and improve the quality of life for the current generation and those to come.”

A third-generation dairy farmer from Paynesville, MN, Voss said his transition from conventional to organic farming set the stage for his regenerative journey.

“I consider well-established principles to be crucial in ongoing decision-making concerning soil health and the positive impacts it has on our food, environment and health,” Voss said. “I want to maximize my potential to influence positive change—change for the improvement of our farm, community and throughout the world.”

New said Understanding Ag’s hallmark is its cadre of expert consultants who are regenerative farmers and ranchers themselves. “Luke, Fernado and Doug all possess the practical experience and communications skills to help their clients understand and successfully implement regenerative agriculture principles and practices.”