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Seed Today on May 1 launched a new look for, along with updated websites for the other publications that are part of the GEAPS Media Group, including Grain Journal, Milling Journal, and Processing Journal.

We hope you enjoy some of the new features we’re rolling out. I’m particularly excited to show off all the photos.

You will find the same content you’ve come to expect on, along with exciting new additions.

If you’re looking for an older story from the past few years, it’s still there as a resource for you to use and our magazine archive has digital editions from over the past decade. Plus, new content is added to our website on a daily basis.

We have several sections highlighted on the home page showing both national and international news from seed companies, suppliers, and across the industry in addition to the top navigation bar, where you’ll find links to the older stories along with new categories.

Some of the new additions include Industry News, Exclusives highlighting what’s in the magazine each quarter, information about upcoming and past events, and an Agronomy section showcasing the latest crop growing information.

Social Media

You can also follow us on Linkedin, Facebook, and X or subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with the highlights of what is happening in the industry.

On those sites, we share some of the day’s top stories, along with information from other sources and behind the scenes content from what we see happening.

For example, you will find more photos from my trip in March to see the BrettYoung seed processing plant in Winnipeg, MB. It was my second time visiting the facility and that part of Canada.

I came away with a greater appreciation for and understanding of what Canada’s largest independent seed company is doing.

I could see why the company chose to make such a significant investment to enhance the seed production process by comparing what they had in place before to what they can do now.

You can read more about what the BrettYoung project in this issue’s cover story.

Global Reach

All of the changes and updates to the website and social media are geared toward helping those of you working and interested in the seed industry keep up with what is happening all over the world.

As you can see by reading the global features in this issue, important research and work is being done that could impact the seed industry for years to come.

Everyone is facing similar challenges when it comes to issues such as climate change, so hopefully by seeing what approaches others are taking to meet the challenges can be beneficial for you.

More is happening on a daily basis than can fit in one issue of the magazine, so we want you to also be able to follow along as events are happening.

In addition, with the launch of the new, we offer more opportunities than ever to help in marketing your business.

To find out more about what we have available, contact our sales team, Jeff Miller, Phil Saran, or Mark Avery.

This is just the beginning of new changes we are working on.

Be sure to check back often with us to see what’s new in the seed industry, and share your updates with us so others can see what is happening in different places.

Written by Chris Lusvardi, Seed Today Editor