SeedLinked’s first-of-its kind seed marketplace helps growers find the right seed for their environment and preferences

Madison, WI (March 3, 2022) – SeedLinked announced the launch of its powerful, new Marketplace that allows growers to search thousands of vegetable, herb, flower, and cover crop seed varieties from more than a dozen seed companies.

Informed by more than 100,000 reviews, comments, and pictures from expert growers, the platform couples the ability to sort by combinations of traits such as yield, flavor, and disease resistance with filters that make it easier to shop – like availability, and certified organic options.

To date, there are seeds from 13 companies that can be purchased from the SeedLinked Marketplace, each with a unique focus and value proposition:

  • Farm-based seed companies with a focus on strong ethics, transparency, and adaptation to a specific region, such as Ann Arbor Seed Co, Fruition Seeds, Hudson Valley Seed Company, Nature & Nurture Seeds, Siskiyou Seeds, and Wild Mountain Seeds;
  • Core seed companies known for productive heirloom, biodynamic, and organic seeds, like Seed Savers Exchange, Turtle Tree Seeds, High Mowing Organic Seeds, and FEDCO Seeds; and
  • Storied seed companies, like Jung Seed and Harris Seeds, that have been providing quality seed for more than 100 years.

“The SeedLinked Marketplace makes it easy for a grower to make a single purchase that includes staple production hybrids from larger seed companies, while also trying something new or buying a classic heirloom from smaller, regional seed companies,” shared Nicolas Enjalbert, CEO of SeedLinked.

SeedLinked’s novel, multi-company search and organic-only filter also allows certified organic growers to complete their seed search required for certification with one click and a screenshot, instead of documenting the process of checking multiple catalogs or sites.

“The COVID-19 Pandemic has spurred interest in gardening across the globe. With that increased interest, many key varieties growers rely on were hard to find or out-of-stock. Our marketplace aims to help growers find a supplier that has the variety they are looking for with our ‘In Stock’ search filter, so you can see all the companies that offer the variety,” shared Dylan Bruce, co-founder of SeedLinked and an organic farmer in Wisconsin.

Best of all, growers can make seed decisions informed by reviews from other growers in similar production environments. Any grower can contribute by reviewing their own plantings, which in turn helps other growers, seed companies, and themselves be able to make better seed decisions in future seasons.

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SeedLinked Co is a Benefit Corporation with a triple bottom line dedicated to improving grower success, enabling resilient seed systems, and increasing agrobiodiversity by speeding up the commercialization and adoption of diverse specialty crops. From the novice gardener and smallest seed company to expert commercial farmers and multinational plant breeding companies, SeedLinked envisions a future that is collaborative, transparent, and responsive to changing climates and preferences. For more information, please visit us at, and @seedlinked on Instagram and Facebook.