Bioinsecticide saved U.S. growers $7.5 million in past three growing seasons

Fort Worth, TX (August 16, 2021) – Even with high commodity prices, late-planted or replanted soybeans may not be suitable for expensive treatments to control corn earworm. Alternatively, Heligen, a bioinsecticide from AgBiTech, offers soybean growers a cost-efficient and highly effective option for controlling corn earworm, especially in late-planted acres.

“Heligen is a lower cost yet highly effective corn earworm insecticide, a logical choice for these later planted, lower-yielding acres that may not justify a high-dollar insecticide treatment,” said Paula Marҫon, chief technology officer at AgBiTech.

When proactively applied to target corn earworm at first appearance, Heligen is a low-cost, high-return investment that helps to reduce damage and protect yield. The bioinsecticide fits well into integrated pest management programs as a tank mix or standalone application. Compared to commonly used diamides, Heligen costs approximately $10 less per acre to control corn earworm, making it a more economical choice.

Over the past three growing seasons, Heligen was applied to more than 750,000 acres in the United States, saving growers more than $7.5 million on corn earworm treatments. AgBiTech anticipates one million acres will be treated with Heligen in the 2021 season, saving growers an additional $10 million.

“Heligen is a half to a third of the price that you normally spend for a worm control treatment,” said Bob Griffin, consultant at Griffin Ag Consulting in Jonesboro, Arkansas. “And if you’re already making the application anyway, it’s a no brainer, you're saving $10 an acre, $12 an acre.”

In addition to cost savings, Heligen offers a new mode of action for the control of corn earworm that has become resistant to chemical insecticides. As a Group 31 baculovirus-based insecticide, it selectively infects corn earworm with a fatal viral disease that spreads quickly throughout the canopy for long-lasting control. After application, Heligen leaves no residue. It also poses no negative environmental or ecological impact and is safe on beneficial insects.

“I always recommend Heligen because of the cost per acre and residual effects,” said Caleb Wall, general manager for Lawrence County Seed in Arkansas. “It’s just a good product, it’s less than half the cost of a typical synthetic and it stays in the field longer. There’s just a lot of good benefits to it.”

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