Ottawa, ON (August 2, 2022) – Cannabis Orchards Inc., a biotechnology company focusing on the research, development and commercialization of minor cannabinoids and innovative industrial hemp varieties, announced it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Trilogene Seeds, an American cannabis and hemp genetics platform company based in Longmont, Colorado, that prioritizes the breeding and growing of unique feminized hemp varieties including extraction grade, tri-crop and smokable varieties, with an overarching goal of stabilizing their genetics and making their catalogue of varieties available internationally.

Cannabis Orchards Inc. will exclusively distribute feminized hemp seed from select Trilogene varieties and genetics, which align with the collective goal of making available hemp varieties rich in CBD and minor cannabinoids, upon approval by Health Canada. These varieties include:

  • Vendetta
    • Near 1:1 ratio of CBD:CBDV
  • Red Robin:
    • 36:1 CBD:THC
    • Plants are uniquely red in colour with high terpene content
  • Auto Glu
    • High-CBD auto-flower variety
  • Super Woman
    • 34:1 CBD:THC with up to 18% CBD in flower
    • Balanced hybrid which thrives in multiple climates
  • Ultra Pink
    • 36:1 CBD:THC, with yields of up to 4 pounds per plant
    • Purple bud structure with loads of resin

Statement from Cannabis Orchards Inc. CEO, Dr. Jamie Ghossein

The partnership agreement with Trilogene will enable us to offer many innovative industrial hemp varieties to Canadian growers, which will help our industry catch up to the next generation of hemp genetics offered in the USA. This includes high performing CBD varieties and auto flower genetics.

More importantly, this will enable us to scale the production of CBDV. We can now offer this minor cannabinoid to Cannabis companies, researchers and consumers alike. We have still a lot to learn about CBDV, but based on our review of the basic science literature, our team is thrilled with the exciting therapeutic potential of this minor cannabinoid.”

About Cannabis Orchards

Cannabis Orchards Inc. is an inventive, research-driven, and proudly Canadian company focused on furthering the development and commercialization of novel cannabinoids and therapeutics. The company is highly research-motivated and leads research into the development of new hemp varieties, and their applications in clinic. In clinic, the company has an involved focus on producing the highest quality hemp flowers for their medicinal contents. Cannabis Orchards products are highly sought after by Licensed Processors, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies. For more information on Cannabis Orchards Inc., visit

About Trilogene Seeds

Trilogene Seeds is composed of an extremely qualified team of breeders, cultivators and cannabis industry professionals. The company’s goal is the creation, and stabilization of varieties of Elite Hemp Genetics for the U.S. and international hemp cannabinoid market. Trilogene Seeds offers feminized hemp seeds for multiple industries with tri-crop, smokable and extraction grade hemp varieties. For more information about Trilogene Seeds visit: