Columbia Grain International Celebrates World Pulse Day 2021 by Bringing its High-Quality, Balanced Bushel Bean Brand to Consumers Everywhere

Pulses had a record year in 2020, spurred by the pandemic, momentum in the plant-based protein industry, and World Food Programme demand. CGI gears up to launch its first-ever small pack pulse brand, available online and in stores later this year.

Portland, OR (February 9, 2021) – For over 42 years, Columbia Grain International has been cultivating growth, supplying high-quality pulses to both domestic and international markets, worldwide. CGI is one of the largest processors and exporters or pulses in the United States, working with over 8,000 farmers, located within the northern tier of the United States. This year’s World Pulse Day, celebrated February 10, 2021, is #LovePulses. World Pulse Day is a United Nations Global Event recognizing the importance of pulses as a means of sustainably feeding the world.

“The world experienced a bean boom in 2020 due to COVID-19 with people purchasing pulses as a shelf-stable staple during uncertain times,” said CEO of Columbia Grain International, Jeff Van Pevenage. “Within weeks of COVID-19 being declared a national emergency, dried bean sales in America had surged to 231% of the previous years’ sales. Internationally, pulses were in high demand, as well. We made many pulse donations to aid in worldwide hunger, but also donated to U.S. schools, and at the local level. Pulses shined in 202,0 and we expect great returns in 2021, including our own exciting expansion plans for our pulse business.”

Prior to the pandemic, the growing popularity of beans had been fueled by a fast-paced demand for plant-based proteins, as consumers seek alternatives to meat for environmental and health reasons.[1] This trend is forecasted to continue in 2021.[2] CGI is thrilled to meet this demand with the launch of its small-pack pulse brand, which will be sold online and at retail locations later this year. Fulfillment will be handled from CGI’s new Hastings, NE location, where CGI’s high-quality pulses will be processed and packaged.

“Pulses are in the spotlight and it’s well deserved,” said VP of the Pulse Division at Columbia Grain International, Tony Roelofs. “Consumers are seeing the benefits of pulses, as a whole food and plant-based protein. They’re affordable, easy to incorporate into everyday meals, full of fiber, and deliver numerous health benefits, and ours are locally sourced for the highest quality. We are bringing delicious, nutritious pulses from our farmers to your shopping cart, and couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate World Pulse Day 2021.”

Since 1978, Columbia Grain International™ (CGI) has been Cultivating Growth as a global leader in the origination, processing, logistics, and distribution of high-quality bulk grains, pulses, edible beans, oilseeds and organics for U.S. domestic and worldwide export markets. Headquartered in Portland, OR, CGI’s reliable supply chain spans the western region of the US, ensuring abundant ingredients for all of its partners, thanks to their trusted relationships with their farmers throughout the fertile croplands of Washington, Idaho, Montana and North Dakota, well known for its high-quality wheat, feed grains, canola and pulses. CGI is an owner of Montana Specialty Mills, who operates an organic and non-GMO oilseed crushing facility in Great Falls, Montana, a mustard seed facility in Conrad, Montana, and most recently Montana Craft Malt —providing specialty malt barley from Montana farmers to the craft brewing world. Today, they are vertically integrated, operating assets including grain elevators, processing plants and agronomy centers to support their farmers, which stretch the northern tier of the United States. With multiple touchpoints across the food supply chain, CGI provides trusted solutions and cultivates high-quality ingredients from their local farmers for a farm to table philosophy that nourishes the world, safely.

For more information, visit Columbia Grain International online.

[1] Schouten, R. (2020, March 25). Slideshow: Innovation eruption in meat alternatives. Food Business News RSS.