Jeff Schreiner

Toronto, ON (May 8, 2024) –Cultura Technologies (“Cultura”), a global collaborative of businesses, people and insights focused on building a thriving and resilient agri-food system, proudly announces the appointment of Jeff Schreiner as the company’s Senior Vice President (SVP) of Global Collaboration.

With a distinguished career spanning over two decades in technology leadership and a proven track record of fostering innovation and collaboration in the Agri-Food industry, Schreiner’s addition to the team marks an exciting chapter in Cultura’s journey of growth and evolution.

In his new role as SVP of Global Collaboration, Schreiner will lead the charge in cultivating strategic partnerships and fostering collaboration initiatives across the global food value chain. Schreiner will play a pivotal role in driving synergies, building collaborative industry circles, and advancing Cultura’s mission to enhance the most important industry in the world.

Before joining Cultura Technologies, Schreiner held influential leadership positions at esteemed Agri-Food players. Notably, he served as the Chief Executive Officer of Roger That, Chief Information Officer at Scoular and Ardent Mills, and Conagra Brands, as Director of IT overseeing commercial and international operations.

"I am excited to join forces with the innovative team and enterprises at Cultura, who embody the crucial understanding of our global agri-food systems," Schreiner says. "To navigate the challenges and opportunities our industry faces, we must adopt a mindset that prioritizes eco-systems over ego-systems, championing forward-thinking approaches."

Collaborative circles surrounding critical industry topics including food grading, above-ground energy, circular value chains, tracing and tracking are already underway.

Those interested in working alongside Schreiner to evolve the future of Agri-Food can learn more about collaboration opportunities at

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