The Mendon Seed Growers production plant in Michigan.

Through its first production plant in the United States, Agrality consolidates its investment plans, as an innovative company in seed production and biotechnological services for the global agribusiness

St. Joseph County, Michigan (September 1, 2021) - Agrality, the agribusiness solutions company, announced the acquisition of Mendon Seed Growers, in Michigan. The acquisition, which encompasses its first production plant in the United States, is part of the company's development and investment plans, aiming to consolidate its leadership in the world of the seed industry and biotechnological developments.

Thanks to this acquisition, Agrality Seeds can now offer its clients full-service of large-scale corn seed production in St. Joseph County, Michigan, increasing the capacity to grow 2,500 acres of seed corn in one of the best growing areas of the world.

“We are acquiring a capacity to plant, detassel, pick, dry, shell and condition 87-120 days seed corn production acres through 100% irrigated and high potential yield fields. We will serve the US domestic market as well as some of our counter-season production needs,” explained Agustín Espinosa, Agrality Seeds Business Manager.

Juan Cruz Lizarralde, Agrality’s CEO, highlighted: “Since Agrality's founding in 2016, we have focused our efforts on the US seed industry market by offering flexible and innovative solutions to adapt to the needs and profile of each client.”

“Our operations in both hemispheres, including domestic and counter-season projects in Argentina and the United States, provide for the acceleration of production cycles and the arrival of our clients’ products to reach the market. Within the framework of our development and investment plans, this acquisition integrates into our competences and continues to show our decision and commitment to agribusiness in the United States,” concluded Juan Cruz Lizarralde.

The Agrality Home Farm in Lafayette, Indiana.

Juan Cruz Lizarralde