Johnston, IA (May 20, 2024) - Below-average temperatures were observed in parts of the Midwest, northern Plains and the Northeast during April. Couple this with a wet May and planting is behind in 2024.

As of May 12, the USDA reports that corn planting is at 49%, about 10% behind the same time last year and 5% behind the five-year average. Iowa and Illinois are behind the five-year average by 13% and 14%, respectively. With those two states producing between 25-30% of the corn crop, those double-digit five-year percentage deficits are significant.

Similarly, soybean planting is at 35%, about 10% behind the same time last year, but right in line with the five-year average.

With so much variability in planting and emergence, tools like Pioneer’s Corn & Soybean Scouting Calendar can help growers stay ahead of pests and diseases throughout the growing season.

“It’s important to understand the order of growth,” said Pioneer Field Agronomist Eric Rice. “Properly identifying the growth stage of the crops in the field plays an important role in allowing us to work through our upcoming management decisions.

“Be patient,” Rice said. “Survey stands too early and you can miss potential issues. Check back regularly in order to do accurate assessments.”

A careful assessment of stand numbers, stand uniformity and stand health should be considered before making replant decisions. The current potential for yield should be calculated against what the potential yield of a replanted field will be.

If stands appear unsatisfactory, utilizing a replant calculator can help determine if replanting the field is a necessary or viable option.