Dr. Susana Goggi
Dr. Susana Goggi

Ames, IA (May 14, 2024) - Dr. Susana Goggi, a distinguished agronomy professor at the Iowa State University Seed Science Center (SSC), is among the esteemed group honored with the ISU Interdisciplinary Team Research Award. 

Goggi's expertise lies in seed physiology and research, and her contributions to the SSC have been invaluable.

Goggi is part of a dynamic team focused on ground cover research for ReganPGC (Regenerating America's Working Landscapes to Enhance Natural Resources and Public Goods through Perennial Groundcover). Comprising eleven faculty members from Iowa State University and numerous graduate students, the team's collaborative efforts are at the forefront of sustainable agricultural practices.

Expressing her gratitude, Goggi remarks, “I feel privileged to work with a wonderful team of ISU researchers, students, and with many outside collaborators in the public and private sector, and farmers with the vision of protecting the soil for future generations by adopting perennial ground cover practices.”

The ISU Interdisciplinary Team Research Award is bestowed upon faculty researchers who have demonstrated outstanding achievements and significant contributions to the university's research and scholarship mission through successful interdisciplinary collaborations. Goggi's involvement underscores the SSC's commitment to advancing agricultural research and sustainability efforts.

The interdisciplinary team, which includes Goggi, along with notable members such as Daniel Andersen, Cynthia Bartel, Amani Elobeid, Shuizhang Fei, Amy Kaleita, Anne Kinzel, Thomas Lubberstedt, Marshall McDaniel, Ken Moore, and Raj Raman, will be honored at a community celebration scheduled for Wednesday, September 25 at 3:30 p.m. in Durham Great Hall, Memorial Union. A reception will follow the ceremony, providing an opportunity to recognize the outstanding contributions of these researchers to the university and beyond.