(May 14, 2024) - Cope expands its growing portfolio with the launch of three new high-yielding varieties, offering farmers across the UK exceptional performance and increased flexibility.

Already listed on the AHDB Recommended List, Everlong spring wheat offers the highest yield and specific weight of any spring wheat, winter barley candidate, Aretha, delivers high yields and the earliest maturity on the market, and spring pea candidate, Marler is the highest yielding white pea of any listed or candidate variety.

With these latest additions, Cope continues to lead the way in agricultural innovation, ensuring growers have the tools they need to succeed, with robust varieties for a new era in UK agriculture.

The varieties were launched at Cope’s ‘sowing for legacy product and brand launch’ in Lincolnshire on May 9 where the business also unveiled its new brand and website.

Everlong spring wheat: With the highest yield and specific weight of any spring wheat on the Recommended Lists, Everlong provides growers with the full package. With a wide drilling window, it’s a new option for a late autumn-drilled wheat or as a true spring wheat option for the feed market. A group 4 feed wheat, it’s clean, easy to manage, and produces the boldest grain of any spring wheat.

Aretha winter barley: This new winter barley variety is the earliest maturing on the market. Boasting high yields across the UK and tall, stiff straw, it also offers Type 1 & 2 Barley yellow mosaic virus (BaYMV) resistance, providing growers with the flexibility they need for successful sowing.

Marler white pea: Marler promises exceptional performance as the highest yielding white pea of any listed or candidate variety. With consistent performance across various sites and good resistance to downy mildew, Marler is set to make its mark in the spring of 2026.

According to Gemma Clarke, managing director at Cope, the launch of three varieties and the unveiling of its rebrand marks a new era for the business. “Not only do we want to support farmers with leading varieties, but we’re also forging long-term partnerships with breeders, growers and producers, to support resilient food systems.”

“We work with world-leading UK and EU plant breeders to increase genetic gain, by developing climate adapted, low input, healthy, high-yielding crop varieties and we reinvest 25% of our earnings into research, development, and trials, ensuring continuous progress,” explains Gemma.

Cope is committed to reducing emissions and has achieved carbon neutrality having acquired a 12-month accreditation from Carbon Neutral Britain.

The new Cope varieties will be available through your local merchant.