Cleveland, OH (May 10, 2024) - Agriplex Genomics has released a new SNP Panel directed towards Temperate Corn in addition to their existing varietal ID Maize QC/QA Panel. This panel consists of 2490 markers that span across the 10 chromosomes and can be utilized for marker assisted breeding applications. 

Marker selection was conducted by Professor Shawn Kaeppler’s laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Panel validation was conducted at Agriplex’s laboratory in Cleveland with germplasm contributions from Kaeppler’s lab as well the Organic Research and Extension Initiative (OREI) coordinated by Professor Paul Scott of Iowa State University and other contributors. 

The panel contains trait associated markers for traits such as plant growth and development, morphological features of kernels, cobs, and ears, flowering time, plant height and ear height, ear length and width, cob length and width, kernel mass, and disease resistance, and a subset of SNPs associated with grain yield and grain moisture. The average distance between adjacent markers is 0.88 Mbp, and the average number of markers per chromosome is 249.

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