Brussels, Belgium (April 24, 2024) - In the wake of the European Parliament’s plenary vote on a new Regulation for Plant Reproductive Material (PRM), Euroseeds renews its enduring concerns regarding certain aspects of the current text while reaffirming its dedication to constructive engagement and dialogue with European policymakers.

Euroseeds, together with a coalition of stakeholders including Copa-Cogeca, Europatat, Coceral, the European Beet Growers (CIBE), and CEPM Maiz’Europe, representing a significant portion of PRM suppliers and users, recently addressed these concerns through a joint letter. These shared concerns highlight the collective desire for a balanced regulatory framework that fosters innovation, competitiveness, and sustainability within European agriculture.

Garlich von Essen, Secretary General of Euroseeds, reiterated the organization’s critical stance on certain provisions within the proposed text:

“We remain highly critical of certain provisions in the current proposed text. Given the importance of seed as starting point for all agriculture and food production, we are convinced that all farmers must be able to rely on proper quality assurance and control for any material they choose. The many derogations and exemptions weaken this key element and precondition for a fair common market for both breeders and seed users.”

While Euroseeds acknowledges some technical enhancements to the Commission’s proposal during parliamentary discussions, particularly regarding provisions for forage and grass species, von Essen stressed the complexity of the matter:

“Together with our partners, we will continue to contribute constructively to the further legislative process and work towards a regulatory framework that supports the needs of European agriculture and society.”

Looking ahead, Euroseeds affirms its commitment to actively contribute to the ongoing legislative process, striving for a regulatory framework that aligns with the evolving needs of European agriculture and society. Collaboration with partners and leveraging technical expertise within Member States and the European Commission will be pivotal in refining and clarifying the regulatory landscape during forthcoming trilogue discussions anticipated later in the year.

Our reaction on the PRM vote