Extinguish XL herbicide is available for farmers in the black and grey soil zones of Western Canada for the 2024 growing season

Calgary, AB (March 13, 2024) – Corteva Agriscience has expanded its leading cereal herbicide portfolio in Canada with the launch of Extinguish™ XL herbicide, a new solution to combat broadleaf weeds for wheat and barley farmers in Western Canada’s black and grey soil zones.

Equipped with multiple modes of action, Extinguish XL herbicide is a pre-formulated, all-in-one application that delivers control of tough weeds like cleavers, dandelion, round-leaved mallow, stork’s-bill and narrow leaved hawk’s beard across variable climatic conditions.

“Wheat and barley farmers are under continuous pressure from weeds. They need a solution that gives them as much flexibility as possible when it comes to timing application,” said Jason Smith, Portfolio Marketing Manager for Cereal Herbicides, Corteva Agriscience. “Extinguish XL herbicide consistently performs in early to late cropping and in cool to dry conditions.”

Extinguish XL herbicide can be applied from the 2-leaf stage to just before the emergence of the flag leaf. This wide application window, combined with its effectiveness across a range of temperature and moisture conditions, makes Extinguish XL herbicide a flexible solution to control broadleaf weeds.

“With this launch, we are bringing growers a new tool for resistance management to help keep cereal production resilient and viable in the long term,” said Smith. “Extinguish XL herbicide contains a unique combination of Group 4 and Group 2 actives to assist farmers with yield-robbing weeds, including Group 2 resistant cleavers, chickweed and volunteer canola.”

The new herbicide will be available at select retail locations ahead of the 2024 growing season.

To learn more, please speak with your local Corteva territory manager or visit our website at corteva.ca.

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