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ALMACO’s SeedPro Elite Research Planter. (ALMACO photo)
ALMACO’s SeedPro Elite Research Planter. (ALMACO photo)

For more information, see the First Quarter issue of Seed Today.

ALMACO has launched the new patent-pending SeedPro Elite Research Planter.

Through cutting-edge plot planting technology, SeedPro Elite delivers precision in seed placement, clean alleys, and consistent plot dimensions.

“Aligned alleys and uniform plot dimensions are more than just nice to see,” says Rob Paul, ALMACO product manager. “When border plants in each plot have equal sunlight exposure and soil nutrient opportunity, it removes variables to your data. At harvest time, there’s also reduced risk of accidental plot carryover because alleys are so clean. In research your data is everything, so the number of variables SeedPro Elite removes from the equation is significant.”

Planting Customizations

SeedPro Elite enables seed research professionals to plant with unique customizations to suit different operational requirements.

The planter’s electric-drive motors and precision placement individual row controls allow for row-by-row population planting, offering ultimate control over research plot data.

“Seed researchers can now plant variable populations and plot lengths in the same pass without stopping the planter,” says Cody Sobotka, ALMACO senior engineering manager. “The flexibility with mapping to match field geographies and the ability to test more in less passes will provide greater planting efficiency and the ability for each client to plant in a way that best suits their needs.”

To support the flexible mapping and individual row planting controls, a modern new user interface was created.

SeedPro Elite is designed to easily integrate with a variety of tractors, guidance systems, and added accessories for more operational flexibility.