The Quantum Core plot combine from Wintersteiger Inc.
The Quantum Core plot combine from Wintersteiger Inc.

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The Quantum Core plot combine is the newest of three different models from Wintersteiger Inc.

Featuring a modular design like its predecessors – the Quantum Plus and Quantum Pro, the Quantum Core can be tailored to the specific needs of the customer, says Peter Hofpointner, sales manager Seedmech USA division.

He explains the Quantum Core builds the foundation in the high end Quantum product line – developed by Wintersteiger to meet the increasingly demanding challenges of state-of-the-art field research.

Combine design. This combine was designed to provide access to Quantum technology for a more limited budget, Hofpointner says.

The combine’s uses range from nursery to yield trial plots, he notes.

“Its innovative construction is intended to meet all basic needs for harvesting all types of small seeds,” Hofpointner says. “The comfortable ergonomic cabin provides plenty of space for two people and the ample cabin insulation reduces noise levels creating a comfortable and healthy working environment.”

Hofpointner adds a powerful engine in combination with the OptiFlow threshing unit delivers clean samples for best results. Additionally, he says an optional weighing and sampling system can be installed.

Clean and streamlined when it comes to features, but heavy on performance, Hoftpointner says the Quantum Core comes with standard features that provide increased user friendliness, throughput, seed handling, and additional à la carte optional features to meet specific field research needs.