Kansas City, MO (November 28, 2023) - The Western Seed Association (WSA) held its Annual Convention Oct. 30-Nov. 1 in Kansas City, MO.

The WSA welcomed over 800 attendees from over 15 countries to the convention. It also says it set a record with appointment tables.

Event Highlights

Retiree Recognition

Colleagues and friends celebrated the retirement of some of the industry bests:

  • Fred Fowler, Ampac Seed
  • Bert Strayer, La Crosse Seed
  • Glen Ketchum, Ketchum Seed

Young Seedsman of the Year

The WSA 2023 Young Seedsman of the Year was presented to Walker Sik of Millborn Seeds.

Passing of the Gavel

Kyle Atkinson, Pennington Seed, served this past year as WSA president and passed the gavel to Ryan Dunham, Norfarm Seeds.

2024 Convention

The 2024 WSA Convention will be held Oct. 28-31 in Kansas City, MO. For more information, go to www.westernseed.org.

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