Tommy Langer, Langer Farms & Ag Services

“Our success is dependent on the success we are able to bring to farmers. Teaming with Meristem will help us help them.”

Lyndon Station, WI (AgPR) (July 11, 2022) – Langer Farms & Ag Services started as an idea on a 200-acre family dairy farm. Today it’s still an all-family farm business operated by Tommy Langer, his parents, his wife Brooke, their young son Tyse, along with brothers Ron and Billy – it’s just bigger now.

“We started this 12 years ago, and if you would have told me then that we would be farming several thousand acres and custom applying on thousands more, I would have had to tell you that you might be crazy,” Langer smiles. “But I like to stay busy, so this works for me.”

The busy Langer family now tends 2,400 acres of their own ground and custom farm another 600 acres with all services. They offer seed corn from Midwest Seed and soybean seed from Stine, also carrying Golden Harvest, LG and Alforex alfalfa. Wheat seed from PiP (Partners in Production) and Kratz Farms is available, along with other small grains. The business treated more than 15,000 units of seed this year with blends specific to their locality and have a fleet of 21 seed tenders for customer use. The Langer custom application business will likely touch 18,000 acres this year with 120-foot booms on two CASE-IH Patriot-series application rigs.

Now Langer is taking another step with his integrated service to farmers: Langer Farms & Ag Services has entered a dealer agreement with Meristem Crop Performance, a new provider of crop inputs. Meristem sprang onto the scene with a line of several adjuvants and a nitrogen stabilizer just three years ago and have grown quickly to a line of more than 40 products, chiefly for corn, soybeans, and wheat. Why saddle-up with Meristem? Langer says it’s about high quality, convenience and cutting out waste that adds cost to products instead of value.

“Our success is dependent on the success we can bring to farmers,” Langer says. “Teaming with Meristem will help us help them. Farmers want us to provide solutions that help them earn more. The performance of these Meristem products is such that we can bring solid value with every load.” Langer says that he always thought more crop inputs would be a good addition to his farm business, but the fit had to be right.

“I’ve always wanted to expand my business, but I just haven’t seen the kind of results out there that I wanted to bring to my farmers until Meristem Crop Performance,” he says. “I’m really happy with what I’m seeing with all the products. We were able to use their HOPPER THROTTLE™ planter box treatments this year and I’m really impressed. It really helps to make the most of every seed you plant.” In addition to HOPPER THROTTLE™, Langer Farms & Ag Services will add the Meristem product portfolio including seed treatments under the brand RACEREADY™, REVLINE™ plant growth regulators, AQUADRAFT™ spray adjuvants, TRUTRACK™ drift control, EXCAVATOR™ residue reducer, HARVESTSHIELD™ biostimulants and HOMESTRETCH™ micronutrients and foliar nutritionals. Mitch Eviston, Founder and CEO of Meristem Crop Performance says Langer Farms and Ag Service and the Langer Family is exactly the kind of elite operation he wants to work with as Meristem grows.

“We’ve set up Meristem to provide high quality products, cut waste from the distribution channel and open up a pipeline to more new technology that can help farmers win,” says Eviston. “Now, with the help of Tommy Langer and his family, we’ll be able to connect with more of those farmers who can benefit.”

Langer Farms & Ag Services is a family-owned and operated farm business, serving all sizes of farmers with seed, seed treatment, crop protection, crop nutrients, custom application and fully-integrated custom farming. As farmers themselves, the Langer team focuses on creating value for other farmers through efficiency, agronomic advice, high quality service and their own in-field testing of the products and practices they provide. Learn more at:

Meristem Crop Performance Group, LLC is one of the fastest-growing crop input companies in America. Meristem sources, formulates, and delivers high-quality crop inputs to farmers at the least cost possible, at savings up to 30 percent. By helping farmers and local independent agribusinesses make the most of their infrastructure and intellectual property investments, the company improves productivity and removes waste in the established distribution channel. Meristem is led by a world-class team of ag professionals passionate about creating the most efficient channel to move innovative practices and novel technologies to market for the benefit of the American Farmer. Learn more at