Agmatix Launches a New Plant Nutrition Carbon Footprint Optimizer to Reach Crop Yields Targets With Lower Carbon Footprint

  • New simple solution that quantifies and shows the carbon footprint of nutritional plans and crop management practices, provided to ag-professionals using the Agmatix platform at field level
  • New feature added to Agmatix’ Data Technology Platform, leverages field trials and research data to calculate the environmental impact of individual crop nutritional plans, allowing ag-professionals to decrease carbon footprint

Tel Aviv, Israel (January 20, 2022) - Agmatix, a start-up AgTech business owned by leading global specialty minerals company, ICL, announces the launch of its Plant Nutrition Carbon Footprint Optimizer within its highly acclaimed new data technology platform. The new and unique feature now enables ag-professionals and crop consultants to better understand the carbon footprint of their crop nutritional recommendations and farm-specific nutrition strategies. It then provides them with the knowledge and confidence to make changes that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, while ensuring the fulfilment of their crop nutritional needs.

The aim of the new Agmatix solution is to aid agri-businesses, food processors, NGOs and other organizations or companies looking for a more sustainable approach to crop nutrition planning while establishing another foundation to better enable data driven carbon accreditation.

Uniquely, the new Agmatix Plant Nutrition Carbon Footprint Optimizer allows users to run several parallel simulations that can compare nutritional recommendations in relation to yields and environmental impact via their carbon footprint. The new feature reduces waste and increases profitability by giving users the information they need to prevent excessive fertilization. By calculating and simulating the carbon footprint of nutritional plans, agronomists can better support farmers in the carbon credit process and provide the additional information required to complete the process.

Ron Baruchi, CEO of Agmatix, comments, “Agriculture is responsible for approximately 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions (1), this has increased by 30% over the last 40 years and will continue to increase if left unmanaged (2). At Agmatix, we see the importance of providing ag-professionals with the digital tools to optimize fertilizer use, and we feel that our new Plant Nutrition Carbon Footprint Optimizer is a milestone moment in achieving better informed carbon accreditation.”

Provided from a simple to use dashboard, the new Agmatix solution calculates the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions from nutritional plans, considering a number of field characteristics. These include soil type, organic matter and PH, environmental conditions, agronomic practices, crop type, fertilizer type, applications, timing and residue management.

The new Agmatix feature allows users to run different simulations, compare nutritional recommendations and understand the relationship between maximizing yields and minimizing detrimental environmental effects. The effect is to prevent over-fertilization resulting in lower CO2 emissions.

The Agmatix platform allows agro-professionals to optimize crop nutrition for more than 150 different crops, considering 12 crop-essential nutrients. It then provides unbiased product catalogue-based recommendations that are customized for specific geospatial and local crop practices and organizational protocols.

The new carbon footprint solution is the latest feature to be added to the breakthrough Agmatix data technology platform, launched by the company in 2021. Now used by leading agri-food businesses around the world, the solution digitizes field trials and agronomic experimentation, as well as standardizes data across the agricultural industry. This means that research and experimental data can be transformed into meaningful real-life actions, driving decision making for agricultural professionals, globally. The Agmatix system provides agronomists, researchers and farmers with the vital information needed to make better crop management decisions to increase yields and crop quality, and now with the launch of the Plant Nutrition Carbon Footprint Optimizer, to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and fertilizer use.

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Agmatix is an agro informatics company that develops data-driven solutions for ag professionals worldwide. Their cutting-edge technology platform uses agronomy data science and advanced AI technology to convert agronomic data into actionable insights at field level. The SaaS platform aggregates, standardizes, and harmonizes agronomic data from trials and experiments, unlocking a significant new layer of knowledge. With a revolutionary approach, Agmatix aims to solve the lack of data standardization to dramatically improve agricultural practices, crop yields, nutritional quality, and promote sustainable agriculture. For more information on Agmatix, please visit

Agmatix launch a new simple solution that quantifies and shows the carbon footprint of nutritional plans and crop management practices.

The new carbon footprint solution is the latest feature to be added to the breakthrough Agmatix data technology platform, launched by the company in 2021.