Nichino America Inc. Signs Supply Agreement With Nufarm Americas, Inc.

Wilmington, DE (August 3, 2020) – Nichino America, Inc. and Nufarm Americas, Inc. have announced a supply agreement for Nufarm to market and sell pyraziflumid fungicide for use in the turf market.

Pyraziflumid, a new broad spectrum Group 7 fungicide for control of several diseases in crop and turf uses is currently under review by the EPA. Anticipated registration by the EPA is December 2021 with state registrations to follow thereafter.

“We are pleased to enter a new partnership with Nufarm Americas,” says Dustin Simmons, Director of Business Development & Strategic Planning for Nichino America. “This agreement allows Nichino to continue its focus on the agricultural crop protection business while maximizing turf uses of pyraziflumid through partnership with Nufarm.”

“As a leader in the turfgrass market, Nufarm is excited to be working with Nichino America to bring pyraziflumid fungicide innovation forward,” says Jason Fausey, PhD, Nufarm Turf & Ornamentals Technical Services Director. “Pyraziflumid represents an important new mode of action to our line of existing fungicide offerings. It is a strong new active ingredient with a high level of application flexibility that controls some of the most challenging turfgrass diseases such as brown patch and dollar spot."

Nichino America, Inc. manufactures and sells several crop protection products known for their targeted performance, flexibility and ease of application, and fit with today’s environment. Among the company’s products are Applaud, Apta, Bexar, Centaur, Courier, FujiMite, Miteus, Portal, PQZ, and Torac insecticides; ET, ETX, Strada, and Venue herbicides; and Convoy, Elegia, Moncut, Moncoat MZ, and Umbra fungicides. For more information visit or call toll-free 888-740-7700.

Nufarm Americas, Inc. is a subsidiary of Nufarm Limited, a manufacturer, supplier and marketer of crop protection products based in Australia. A top supplier to the US turf market, Nufarm strives to offer a solution for every challenge through proven and innovative products such as Affirm™, Aloft®, Anuew™, Arena®, Celero®, Escalade® 2, Millennium Ultra™ 2, Pinpoint®, SureGuard® SC, SurePower™, Traction™ and the 3336® brand family. For more information visit