Syngenta Says A Strong Rice Stand Starts With A Stellar Seed Treatment

Vibrance® RST delivers four powerful fungicide treatments to control the rice seedling disease complex

Greensboro, NC (February 19, 2020) – Cold, wet weather that slows growth across rice fields causes more sleepless nights than farmers can afford. Vibrance® RST seed treatment helps restore peace on the farm by protecting young crops from the rice seedling disease complex.

New from Syngenta, Vibrance RST offers four modes of action to promote even emergence and systemic protection of seedlings from disease.

“A good fungicide package, such as Vibrance RST, protects those seeds and the emerging seedlings,” says Syngenta Seedcare Specialist Anthony Crocker. “Vibrance RST protects agains key pathogens Pythium spp. and Rhizoctonia solani with multiple modes of action.”

The four ingredients in Vibrance RST deliver industry-leading control of the rice seedling disease complex. Each ingredient bolsters resistance management with a different mode of action. The key is the combination of four trusted fungicide products:

  • Dynasty®, with active ingredient azoxystrobin, a Group 11 fungicide, protects against Rhizoctonia and Pythium species and some soil-borne and seed-borne diseases, including rice blast.
  • Maxim® 4FS, with active ingredient fludioxonil, a Group 12 fungicide, controls Fusarium and Rhizoctonia.
  • Apron® XL, with active ingredient mefenoxam, a Group 4 fungicide, brings a second mode of action to control Pythium, which causes damping-off and seed rot.
  • Vibrance, with active ingredient sedaxane, a Group 7 fungicide, delivers the second punch against Rhizoctonia, which causes seed decay, seedling blight and damping-off.

“The uniqueness of this product is the four active ingredients that work to complement each other for disease and resistance management,” Crocker states. “A good protection package gives rice growers the freedom to focus on the other things they need to do agronomically.”

“We need to get a stand up, then get the rice big enough so we can get the herbicides on it, get the fertilizer out, then get the flood out there,” Crocker says.

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