Hemp Start-Up Third Wave Farms Using Crop, New Technology, and Regenerative Agricultural Practices

Harvested hemp flower being dried at Healing Ground Farm, Rockcastle County, KY (Anna Carson DeWitt Photography)

Dried hemp flower being processed at Healing Ground Farm, Rockcastle County, KY. (Anna Carson DeWitt Photography)

The Expanding Business is Fighting Climate Change and Creating a Modern Farming Movement Coast to Coast

Mount Vernon, KY (October 3, 2019) – Third Wave Farms was founded in 2017 by Mike Lewis, a proud Kentucky farmer and the first federally permitted hemp farmer in the U.S. since prohibition, and his colleague and friend, Trent Paasch, a successful food industry and commodities entrepreneur.

With a mission to cultivate a better tomorrow, the founders and their team have been trailblazing new inroads for farmers across America to gain access to hemp farming and educational opportunities, regenerative agricultural services, and research in an effort to help revitalize our land’s soil, and eventually America’s rural economies.

With over 25,000 uses for hemp, this game-changing crop is making headway into mainstream culture, starting a modern farming movement. The passage of the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill removed most barriers for hemp farming in America, and, perhaps equally important it redefined hemp as an agricultural commodity. Recognizing the importance and necessity of a crop like hemp, Third Wave Farms (TWF) aims to help restore equity in the supply chain by empowering American farmers.

“Hemp is one of the most useful and misunderstood crops in history. This crop’s potential to provide clean biological inputs to carbon-based industries will undoubtedly play a very large role in agriculture’s ability to help mitigate climate change,” shares Lewis, co-founder, Third Wave Farms.

With a farmer facing business model, including dedicated advocacy for new registration and certification processes, in less than two years, Third Wave Farms has already partnered with over 10 farms across the United States. The company receives daily inquiries from farmers across America and projects a network of 70 farms by the middle of 2020. Third Wave Farms leases or purchases acreage to kick start hemp production on existing farms, provides seeds and seedlings, and a suite of agricultural services including hi tech processing solutions. TWF also provides a hands-on farming team and a resident manager to oversee the crop through the growth cycle and harvest, returning a healthy share of the profits back to the farmer.

Third Wave Farms provided farmer Chuck Stephenson in Logansport, IN with seeds, a growing consultation, harvesting, drying and through to end user sales opportunities. The partnership began in 2019 and covers 480 acres.

“Initially, I was hesitant about getting into growing hemp but partnering with Third Wave Farms has allowed me to collaborate with hemp farming professionals that provide turn key solutions based on our needs. For example, I wouldn’t know what do to with the harvest but Third Wave Farms does. They step in and take care of all the incidentals, seeding and harvesting,” Stephenson shares.

Third Wave Farms is developing and implementing a range of technological innovations to increase crop yields, ensure regulatory compliance from seed to shelf and identify best management practices that align with their commitment to sustainable production and soil health. Fixed-wing drones featuring multi-spectral and thermal imaging sensors, as well as in-field instrumentation offering real-time insights on plant growth and condition, weather and pests offer unique insights into hemp cultivation. Integrating these data streams via geospatial, statistical and economic analyses provides critical decision-support materials enabling rapid responses to changing conditions while maximizing production.

In addition to their work with farmers, Third Wave Farms is investing in university research to develop, quantify and stabilize genetics. Since 2017, TWF has established ongoing partnerships with multiple universities. Third Wave Farms has partnered with Kentucky State University to look at the impact of hemp farming on world economies, and also is collaborating with Midwest Hemp Council and Purdue University in Indiana, working on the direct impact of hemp on other agricultural farms and crop rotations.

Third Wave Farms currently has partnerships with the Midwest Hemp Council, Hemp Farms Australia, Ma Genetics, Barkley Seed Company, Pure Seed Testing, Carrington Farms and Grow Generation. With an experienced management team, Third Wave farms has networks in mainstream agriculture, national retail and CBD end user clients they contract farm for. In August 2019, the growing company added Brian Lovejoy, President of Califia Farms and a leader in the beverage category, to their Board of Directors.

Lewis also speaks to audiences all across the country on the benefits of polyculture farming and how growing and harvesting hemp can help revive rural economies and restore our land.

In November 2019, Third Wave Farms will be opening their first Hub Facility. Located in Kokomo, IN, the facility will house Third Wave Farms’ flower and be their first Midwest outpost for industrial hemp drying and processing.

For more information on Third Wave Farms, go to http://www.thirdwavefarms.com.

Established in 2017, Third Wave Farms is a leader in U.S. industrial hemp farming. Third Wave Farms grows, processes and sells federally legal and state compliant hemp and food crops. Third Wave Farms is working to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers by creating a modern, regenerative supply chain. The company brings technology-based farming solutions with best practices and equitable risk models for rural American farmers. Based in Mt. Vernon, Kentucky, Third Wave Farms is actively farming hemp in 6 states across the US providing transparency from seed to shelf. http://www.thirdwavefarms.com

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Third Wave Farms Co-Founder Mike Lewis in the field with hemp crop at Healing Ground Farm, Rockcastle County, KY. (Anna Carson DeWitt Photography)

Third Wave Farms Vice President of Agriculture Shelby Floyd at Healing Ground Farm, Rockcastle County, KY. (Anna Carson DeWitt Photography)