Agronomix Software Launches New Product, Genovix

Winnipeg, MB (August 6, 2019) - For the last five years, Agronomix Software has been developing a brand-new product.

According to Founder and CEO Dieter Mulitze, this is not a revamped version of their AGROBASE Generation II system. He says the product, Genovix, is an industry-changer.

Building on his 40 years of experience in developing software systems, Mulitze and his team started with a whole new highly relational database architecture.

Using their breeding knowledge as well as input from countless users, they laid out a new, modern interface and wide range of relevant and essential features.

For more about the company, see its “Agronomix Software - Behind You For The Long Run” video.

If Data is King, Analysis is Queen

Collection of relevant data is the most critical part of any plant breeding system, Mulitze says.

He explains data input should be easy with strong validation rules.

“Gathering data needs to be quick and streamlined and Genovix doesn’t disappoint,” Mulitze says.

Data can be linked in many ways to the advantage of the breeder, he adds. Link any variety with its parental data, view selection histories across generations, view all data for a given trait, query all data for a hybrid or inbred across all or some locations, years, experiments, and more.

But there are only 24 hours in a day (even for plant breeders!), so Mulitze says the interface must be easy to use, intuitive, and yet powerful at the same time.

“Simplicity with power, only developed with in-depth knowledge of the scientific and practical needs of plant breeding and variety testing garnered over years,” Mulitze says.

However, he says once the data is in the system it needs to be analyzed, producing clear and relevant analyses and reports to assist breeders in making the best possible decisions for their research.

Analysis tools, Mulitze notes, must be intuitive, practical, and revealing – and Genovix has an extensive suite of analytics to empower the breeder.

But, he adds, research is more than numbers, so Genovix has many data visualization tools to understand the data at a deeper level.

“Ideally, breeders need to use all their data in the most efficient way to make the best possible decisions to develop superior hybrids – so Genovix offers many search tools, data queries, head-to-head analyses, and more,” Mulitze says.

For the full story about Agronomix, see the Third Quarter issue of Seed Today.