AOSA/SCST Announces Seed Technology Journal Being Put On Hold

(February 5, 2019) - AOSA/SCST announced Feb. 5 that the Seed Technology Journal is being put on hold.

"On behalf of the AOSA and SCST leadership we’d like to thank the Seed Technology Journal editors Riad Baalbaki and Sue Avarez for all of their efforts, along with all of the article contributors and reviewers. The final volume for 2018 will be published shortly. Promoting seed testing research remains a priority and focus for AOSA and SCST, however the overall expense involved in providing a journal with no page publication charges and limited support from land grant universities continues to be a challenge.

"At this point AOSA-SCST is placing upcoming publications of the Seed Technology Journal on hold. Discussions regarding options to continue relaying the needed seed testing research and information remain a priority. Anyone interested in providing input, ideas or partnership ideas should feel free to contact the AOSA-SCST Administrative Office. The topic of possible options to continue the Seed Technology Journal in some form will be discussed at the upcoming AOSA-SCST Annual Meeting in Sparks, Nevada.

"Please make a special note of the final 2018 volume for December of the Seed Technology Journal, and extend your gratitude to the editors and contributors.

"Thanks again to all involved and we look forward to future opportunities."