Morgan Hill, CA (January 15, 2019) – Sakata Seed America is starting the year off on a positive note. The company recently announced a two-year donation of $15,000 each year ($30,000 total) to support Produce Marketing Association’s ‘Center for Growing Talent’ initiative through the company’s charitable giving program, Sakata Gives.

Founded in 2005, the Center for Growing Talent is a charitable organization whose mission is to provide industry-specific solutions to attract, develop and retain talent for the produce and floral industries. The success of the program is dependent upon charitable giving, sponsorships, and in-kind gifts to support the mission to grow industry talent.

The Center for Growing Talent’s work includes leadership programs and events such as Career Pathways: designed to attract the best and brightest university students to careers in the fresh produce and floral industry, and the Emerging Leaders Program: a program that prepares high-potential leaders to embrace increasing levels or responsibility and challenges for future leadership roles.

Sakata Seed America’s President and CEO, Dave Armstrong, states, “We’re honored to be a supporter of PMA’s Center for Growing Talent. Contributing to building future talent to ensure a stronger, smarter global supply chain is a top priority for Sakata and the industry as a whole. We hope to demonstrate our commitment to the future of our industry through our partnership with Center for Growing Talent.

The Sakata Gives program is spearheading the company’s charitable giving and ensuring opportunities that support the program’s pillars and company mission.

“The Sakata Gives Program is the cornerstone of Sakata’s corporate social responsibilities initiative. We strive for a program that is responsive and inclusive, both for our community and industry, as well in support of our Sakata colleagues striving to be the corporate good citizens they choose to be. We are thrilled to partner with The Center for Growing Talent, an organization that is driving such positive results for our industry. Stay tuned – this is just the beginning for Sakata Gives!” says Jamie Kitz, Program Development for Sakata Gives.

Headquartered in Morgan Hill, CA, Sakata Seed America is a major research, seed production and marketing-distribution subsidiary of Sakata Seed Corporation, established in 1913. Sakata Seed America, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, serves as the headquarters for the North American/Central American operations. Their mission is to quickly and efficiently meet industry expectations for quality seed, innovative genetics and excellent greenhouse and field performance.