DLF Seeds A/S Announces New EUR Hybrid Security Mandate

(November 1, 2018) - Following the announcement on Aug. 6 of the impending acquisition of PGG Wrightson Seeds, forage and turf seed company DLF Seeds A/S intends to issue a new hybrid security. The net proceeds from the hybrid security shall be used to partly finance or refinance the purchase price of the acquisition.

DLF Seeds A/S has mandated Nordea as Structuring Advisor and Global Coordinator and Danske Bank and Nordea as Book-runners for a EUR denominated hybrid security. The hybrid security is expected to have a size of up to EUR 100m with a maturity date 1,000 years after the issue date and a first call after 4 years. The hybrid security will be accounted for as equity according to Danish GAAP and will therefore strengthen the capital structure and balance sheet of the new combined company.

The investor roadshow for the hybrid security will commence on Nov. 7 and the transaction execution will follow shortly thereafter, subject to market conditions. The final size and pricing of the hybrid security will be determined when the book-building process closes.