AgReliant Genetics Launches 42 New Corn Hybrids Expanding the AgriGold®, LG Seeds®, and PRIDE Seeds® 2019 Product Portfolios

Westfield, IN (October 8, 2018) – AgReliant Genetics, the third largest seed corn company in North America, announced the introduction of 42 new genetically diverse hybrids expanding the AgriGold®, LG Seeds®, and PRIDE Seeds® product portfolios for the 2019 growing season. This is the largest introduction of AgReliant Genetics’ germplasm to the market since 2012.

Through AgReliant Genetics’ extensive pre-commercial testing regimen and network of global breeding programs, these new corn hybrids have demonstrated strong yield and agronomic characteristics as well as a diverse mix of optimal crop management, plant health, and environmental features.

“In the dynamic agriculture industry, we remain centered on the needs of farmers and bringing the most competitive seed products to market throughout the U.S. and Canada,” says Peter Lynch, Ph.D., VP of Research, AgReliant Genetics. “Genetics are the foundation of a farmer’s seed decision. AgReliant strives to create unique germplasm that helps maximize the genetic potential of every acre for our customers.”

AgReliant Genetics’ new corn hybrids range in maturity from 72 to 118 days and feature a variety of best-in-class trait options. The AgriGold®, LG Seeds® and PRIDE Seeds® trait and trait stack options protect the genetics by providing a wide range of above- and below-ground pest control, weed management and drought tolerance tools. AgReliant Genetics’ new corn lineup also includes 10 conventional hybrid options for farmers.

“Farmers want and need choice, and we are committed to providing them that with more seed choices and genetic diversity to help propel their operations forward,” says Mark Herrmann, President & CEO, AgReliant Genetics. “Our focus on seed coupled with our access to independent globally-positioned research facilities and germplasm through our parent companies — KWS and Groupe Limagrain — provides the ideal leverage for continued genetic innovation.”

AgReliant Genetics offers corn, soybean, sorghum and alfalfa seed solutions to farmers through their product brands. Contact your local AgriGold®, LG Seeds® or PRIDE Seeds® representative for more information.

Headquartered in Westfield, Ind., AgReliant Genetics is a leader in seed research, production and quality, focused on providing trusted seed solutions that help farmers grow. Through its seed brands — AgriGold®, LG Seeds® and PRIDE Seeds® — AgReliant Genetics demonstrates commitment to farmer success by delivering valuable seed solutions, maintaining meaningful relationships and providing an excellent customer experience. Created in 2000 as a joint venture between the international seed groups KWS and Groupe Limagrain, AgReliant Genetics is ranked as the third largest corn seed company in the U.S and operates one of the largest research programs in North America. Learn more about AgReliant Genetics and its brands at or by following @AgReliant on Facebook and Twitter.