Manitoba-Based Palletizer Manufacturer Announces Name Change To Ezratek

Ezratek provides customers with automated equipment, including palletizers.

Winkler, MB (September 26, 2018) – A Manitoba-based equipment manufacturer has changed its name.

The former Packing & Palletizing Company (PPC), located at 410 George Ave. in Winkler, MB, is now called Ezratek, President Theo Polstra says.

Ezratek provides customers in the grain, seed, and fertilizer industries with automated solutions for their businesses with a line of equipment, including palletizers, bulk bag fillers, and taggers, Polstra says.

He adds each helps streamline a business’ shipping and packaging processes and just makes everything run faster, smoother, and better. In addition, Ezratek provides equipment for the potato, onion, and animal & pet feed industries.

Ezratek has its U.S. and Canadian patent for its automatic multi-tag placer.

Polstra says the company can meet most any customized need in the market.

The name change comes as the company, which first started in 2002, is undergoing an expansion of its production plant in Winkler. The size of the facility will increase from 4,800 square feet to 20,500 square feet when the expansion is completed later this year, Polstra says.

Polstra explains he started the business on the family farm in Prince Edward Island. As a potato farmer, Polstra says he understood first hand many of the struggles farmers face today. After studying mechanical engineering in Holland, Polstra first started the business by importing equipment for the potato industry from European companies, such as Dijkstra, Verbruggen, and Symach.

As the demand for more robotic machinery increased, he says Ezratek expanded in building its own custom designed automatic solutions, including, palletizers, automatic tag placers, and bulk bag fillers for both the potato and grain industries and beyond.

Ezratek can be reached by calling (204) 331-3000 or emailing

Ezratek is undergoing an expansion at its production plant in Winkler, MB, as shown here on Sept. 19. (Chris Lusvardi photo)