NutriAg Receives EPA Registration for the Launch of a New Multiple-Mode-of-Action Fungicide, BluLogic™

  • A truly unique combination of copper and phosphite
  • Extremely low levels of copper for reduced contamination and phytotoxicity risk
  • Laminus™ technology for improved crop-stress tolerance
  • Effective, broad-spectrum control of several diseases in over 50 crops

Biola, CA (September 18, 2018) - By combining unique patent-pending, stress-tolerance technology and effective chemistry, BluLogic is designed to provide outstanding disease control of several yield-robbing diseases. Registration was approved in the US for potential applications in a wide range of crops, including row, fruit and vegetables. Registration is also pending in several other countries, with the hopes to expand in the years to come.

The proprietary Laminus technology from NutriAg leverages copper and phosphite to improve crop-stress tolerance; a combination that will play an important role in integrated pest management (IPM) programs. And with much lower copper levels compared to other products on the market, BluLogic reduces the risk of crop damage and offers growers a more environmentally sustainable crop-protection product.

"Our soluble copper technology delivers the same efficacy as fixed copper fungicides, but with much lower levels of copper," said Martin Bloomberg, President of NutriAg. "You don't need high levels of copper to manage disease, but you do need lower levels to be sustainable."

Thanks to the multiple modes of action, BluLogic is also an ideal rotational product for growers dealing with diseases like powdery mildew, fire blight, late blight, botrytis and many more. This fungicide is an effective tool growers can add to their toolbox when rotating chemistries to avoid resistance.

"This innovation is the result of tireless teamwork from our Research and Development group," Bloomberg said. "We're excited to share this product's potential and we believe it will add immense value to the market."

BluLogic is already registered for use in several states across the US. The launch of this fungicide marks an important expansion of the NutriAg portfolio. Growers cannot only expect best-in-class nutrient solutions, but they can also rely on NutriAg for effective crop protection.

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