Golden Harvest Agronomy in Action Sites Showcase Hybrids and Varieties

Golden Harvest Agronomist Bob Lawless examines corn rootworm activity, which he says is hard to see without pressure washing the roots, Aug. 24 near Clinton, IL. (Chris Lusvardi photo)

Clinton, IL (September 7, 2018) – Golden Harvest’s Agronomy in Action sites provide a first-hand look at the hybrids and varieties as they are being grown.

Each of the 36 sites across the Midwest provides different corn and/or soybean demonstrations in varying types of conditions, similar to what the nearby farmers will experience.

Golden Harvest Agronomist Bob Lawless provided Seed Today Editor Chris Lusvardi with a tour Aug. 24 of the Agronomy in Action site near Clinton, IL.

According to Lawless, various types of trials are performed at the site, including pest management, root depth, planting date, and seed care.

During the visit, Lawless was examining corn rootworm activity. Looking at the roots allows agronomists to see what is happening in the plot, Lawless says.

Pre-harvest early vs. late soybean planting. (Golden Harvest photos)

Pre-harvest soybean pods.

In addition, Lawless pointed out the difference in planting soybeans early and late had become noticeable.

More information is available about the Clinton site, including what Golden Harvest calls its all-star hybrids and varieties, and advice as harvest draws closer.

Late-mid season soybean rows.

Pre-harvest corn row walkway.