Crystal Crop Protection Limited Signs Letter of Intent With KeyGene, Netherlands For Improving Its Seeds Business

Wageningen, Netherlands (May 25, 2018) - Crystal Crop Protection Limited has signed a Letter of Intent with KeyGene at a high profile trade mission headed by the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in New Delhi. 

Crystal Crop Protection Limited, an R&D based crop protection manufacturing and marketing company has recently acquired Indian grain sorghum, fodder sorghum (SSG) and pearl millet seeds business (including their germplasms, plant variety protection applications and registrations and market authorizations) from Syngenta India Limited.

Crystal Crop has a breeding program with germplasm in cereal and fiber crops. KeyGene and Crystal envisage to explore a strategic collaboration to discover new traits for increasing crop yields and combatting climate change. The effort will be to develop products through sharing of high-tech and novel breeding technologies that benefit the farmers to increase their farm profitability.

“KeyGene is one of the global leaders in crop innovation and we are excited to explore models in which we can leverage our expertise, and KeyGene’s next generation technologies and trait innovation platforms to develop tolerant and more resilient crops for the Indian market," says Ankur Aggarwal, Managing Director of Crystal Crop Protection Limited.

“Indian seed companies can gain a lot by embracing innovation, enabling acceleration in their breeding and development of traits, and bringing novel products to farmers. We are excited to explore this research collaboration with Crystal Crop to enhance their breeding programs using our proprietary knowledge, know-how and innovation platforms for accelerating and developing novel non-GM products for Crystal’s seed business," says Arjen van Tunen, CEO of KeyGene.

The crop innovation company

KeyGene is the go-to AgBiotech company for higher crop yield & quality. With our intellectual capital, solution driven approach and collaborative spirit, we work for the future of global agriculture with partners in the AgriFood sector. Using our proprietary technologies and non-GM approaches, we support customers with the development of new and improved crops. Our goal is to help organizations with their toughest R&D challenges, combining our cutting edge breeding technologies, bioinformatics & data science expertise and plant-based trait platforms. At KeyGene, we work in an international environment with more than 140 professionals from all over the world. Our company is based in Wageningen, Netherlands and Rockville, MD, USA.

The crop solution company

Crystal Crop Protection Ltd is a R&D based crop protection manufacturing and marketing company. The company manufactures crop protection products which include insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and plant growth regulators and bio-stimulants. The company provides crop protection solutions to the Indian farmer to assist them to maximize productivity and profitability. It has integrated operations, from undertaking R&D of new molecules to manufacturing and delivering products to farmers across India through extensive distribution network. The Company recently enhanced its Technical production capacity by acquiring Plant of Cytec India at Nagpur (2017) with leasehold rights on land area of 40,500 sq.m.. For increased commitment on the seeds Business, the company acquired Indian grain sorghum, fodder sorghum and pearl millet seeds business from Syngenta India Limited, Devgen Seeds and Crop Technology Private Limited and Devgen N.V., Belgium.