PSR Offers Corn Disease Notes for Seed Corn Professionals

Sugar Grove, IL (August 31, 2015) -- Professional Seed Research, Inc. offers Corn Disease Notes subscription to corn growers, agronomists and seed corn professionals.

It is intended to assist not only in diagnosis with photos but also provide some perspectives of dynamics of host, environment and pathogen with the individual corn diseases. Written by Dr. Jim Dodd, Corn Disease Notes represents 45 years of experience with corn diseases in much of the USA and several other countries.

Biology of the diseases and genetics of resistance are emphasized with the intent of stimulating reader thoughts concerning their farming practices, agronomic advise, seed marketing methods and corn breeding methods.


  • The Host              Smuts     Southern Corn Leaf Blight
  • The Pathogen       Rusts      Corn Lethal Necrosis
  • The Environment  Goss Wilt   Gray Leaf Blight
  • Seedling Diseases  Eyespot     Ear Rots
  • Northern Leaf Blight  Brown Spot  Stalk Rots

Cost for the annual subscription of Corn Disease Notes is $35. A longer version of Corn Stalk Rot is also available for $5.00 and a printed booklet for $10.

If interested in reading all volumes done to date (1-9) plus future volumes of the Corn Disease Notes contact PSR at or call 630-466-1060.