Company debuts at Hortitec

(July 9, 2024) - During the Hortitec event, the East-West Seed brand was officially launched in Brazil. The seed company, traditional in the world market, intends to develop tropical genetics, adding more quality and profitability to horticulturists.

East-West Seed, a company with 42 years of experience in the Asian market and 250-year-old Dutch roots, marked its debut at this year's Hortitec.

Francisco Sallit, director of East-West Seed in Brazil, highlighted the company's mission to bring value to the vegetable sector through advanced tropical genetics and services that add value to smallholder farmers.

“We are excited to officially launch the East-West Seed brand in Brazil, during the twenty-ninth edition of Hortitec. This is a milestone for us as it allows us to build relationships with our customers, showcase our company, team, and commitment to the entire vegetable value chain,” said Sallit.

Expansion and integration in the Brazilian market

East-West Seed expanded its operations to Brazil in 2022, acquiring the company Hortec, with more than 30 years in the vegetable sector, supporting its integration into the local market and rescuing rich germplasm developed over these three decades in strategic crops and segments. 

“I have the responsibility, the challenge, and the opportunity to lead this integration, through a team and regional distributors dedicated to serving the market, through tropical genetics and services that add value to farmers, and special care for smallholders vegetable farmers,” explained Sallit.

With a presence in several countries in Asia and Africa, in addition to recent expansions into Mexico, Guatemala, and Latin America, East-West Seed aims to become a global leader in the tropical agricultural sector. 

"Our goal is to become a global leader in the tropical agricultural sector. Worldwide, we operate in 80 crops and around 700 varieties, based on a genetic improvement program, giving us an important competitive advantage in this tropical and semitropical belt. We have a noble mission of reaching the milestone of serving 50 million farmers by the year 2030, predominantly small vegetable producers," said Sallit.

Focus on quality and productivity genetics

In Brazil, East-West Seed is focused on strategic crops: tomatoes, onions, papaya, peppers, zucchini, cauliflower, lettuce, cucumber, and pumpkin, and the main segments of these crops. The company develops a genetic improvement program, at its experimental station in Bragança Paulista-SP, connected with 18 other research stations globally that ensures resistance, rusticity, yield, and sensorial quality, serving producers independent of their investment levels and adopted technology.

“Our genetics are dedicated to optimizing varieties that respond to different levels of investment, guaranteeing rusticity, important resistance and high levels of yield. This allows farmers to produce in adverse conditions, achieving high productivity and perceived quality,” explained Sallit.

The objective is to provide products that serve the Brazilian market, offering high yield and financial returns for growers.

Sustainability and long-term impact

East-West Seed recognizes Brazil's potential due to its diversity of crops and advanced agricultural technology.

“Brazil offers great potential for the company to expand its capabilities in genetics and meet the needs of the agricultural sector, especially small farmers,” highlighted Sallit.

Participation in Hortitec was fundamental for East-West Seed, providing a platform to establish connections and stand out in the vegetable sector, presenting "our brand, our portfolio, and our team,” said Sallit.

Commitment to farmers

East-West Seed's mission is to serve and bring value to the sector, creating lasting relationships with partners and farmers. 

"We want to build loyalty and lasting relationships to implement winning strategies together. It is essential that we are present, working and generating value in all links in the chain, establishing links and presence in the market, alongside farmers," emphasizes Sallit.

Commitment to the customer

The company is committed to understanding the needs of farmers, offering a value proposition that meets their demands, neutralizing their problems, and adding value to their activity. We are committed to the prosperity of vegetable producers who seek quality seeds and reliable service, regardless of their crop, their region or the size of their plantation.

East West Seed seeks to consolidate its presence in the Brazilian market, maintaining the values that have always guided its activities since the beginning . “We are guided by 4 core values that ensure our commitment to customers: 1- Purpose: (We put growers at the heart of everything we do), 2- Pioneering (We achieve our goal through innovation.), 3- Nurturing (We care each other, our communities and the environment.) and 4 – Trustworthy (We are a reliable partner for all our business partners.)

The debut of East-West Seed at Hortitec marks a new chapter in the company's trajectory, reaffirming its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence in the vegetable sector. With the mission of becoming a global reference, the company is positioned to contribute significantly to tropical and semitropical agriculture in Brazil and beyond.