(June 11, 2024) - The plant biotechnology Group arrives in Florida and will have José Antonio de Cote as Regional Manager for its operations in North America and Latin America

The Beyond Seeds Group has taken a significant step in its internationalization strategy, expanding into the North American and LatAm markets. This decision not only underscores Beyond Seeds' commitment to innovation and global growth, but also marks an important milestone in its business trajectory.

With its new headquarters in the financial district of Miami, Florida, Beyond Seeds aims to consolidate and expand operations in both the North and LatAm. The choice of Miami is not fortuitous; The city is known as a strategic hub for international business and a crucial gateway to Latin America. This location will allow the Beyond Seeds Group to take advantage of the logistical and commercial advantages of being in a key connection point between both regions.

The operations of the Spanish biotechnology company will be under the direction of De Cote, who has been appointed Regional Manager. With vast experience in the sector and a clear strategic vision, De Cote will be instrumental in directing and overseeing Beyond Seeds' activities in this new phase of expansion. His leadership will ensure that the group establishes a solid presence in the American market, becoming a benchmark for innovation and excellence in the region in the field of agrobiotechnology.

De Cote is a business leader with more than 25 years of international experience in the food and agricultural industry.

Technical Engineer – Agricultural and Food Industries – and Biochemist has been awarded by the National Science Foundation of the United States of America (NSF): "This project proposes the development of a solid carrier for a newly developed biofungicide, and Green Card EB-2 (North American Residency) for extraordinary qualities in Science and Business.

De Cote, awarded by the National Science Foundation of the USA, is a professional with more than 25 years of experience in biotechnology and agri-food innovation companies in Europe, Latin America and the United States where he obtained the O1 VISA for extraordinary qualities in science.

De Cote has a long history of leadership positions in both U.S. and European biotechnology companies, always focused on agricultural innovations and has successfully developed and commercialized a wide range of innovative biotechnology products. After founding iQBiotech in the US (2015), he led the establishment of iQBiotech in the Agrosciences market in the US and LatAm until its sale in 2019 to Shared-X , an impact fund born in Palo Alto (Silicon Valley).

Prior to iQBiotech, (1999-2014) he worked from the beginning with the Professor of Microbiology Enrique Monte Vázquez in the company Newbiotechnic, a pioneering Spanish biotechnology. Spin-off of the University of Salamanca and the University of Seville in which Banco Cajasol has a stake, where he worked on proteomics and functional genomics, as well as on the marketing strategy of its own innovations and molecular biology service in the human, veterinary and plant sectors. José Antonio de Cote participated in the industrial development of the first biofungicide in Europe, TUSAL (Trichoderma University of Salamanca) and the first biostimulant of enzymatic hydrolysis of vegetable protein in collaboration with the Department of Biochemistry of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Seville with which he continues to collaborate on new innovations in biofertilizers/biostimulants.

De Cote, is Regional Manager for the Americas ofSantelmo Business School (Spain) from which he has a Diploma in Senior Management of Companies in the Agri-food Sector (ADECA), Management Improvement (PPD) and member of its Advisory Council in America, trustee of the Spanish Foundation for scientific research and talent management, ambassador of the Cellbitec Foundation (Almeria, Spain) and International Delegate of the prestigious University of Navarrain the American Continent.