Ankeny, IA (May 23, 2024) — Premier Tech is pleased to announce the grand opening of its first application center dedicated to testing and demonstrating seed conditioning technologies, Zone 89, in Ankeny, IA. 

This application center will allow us to test our advanced technologies in a full-scale commercial and operational set-up, optimizing seed conditioning and enhancement to deliver the highest quality seed output.

This new center demonstrates once again Premier Tech’s commitment to its customers and the American market. This announcement comes only a year after the inauguration of the American headquarters for our Systems and Automation group in Montgomery, AL, as well as the inauguration of a facility in the Salt Lake City, UT region. It will also support Premier Tech’s growth in North America, strengthening our local footprint and our competitivity in the United States.

The comprehensive portfolio includes optical sorters, cleaners, dryers, and coaters tailored to our clients’ specific needs: corn, soybean, grass, rice, pulses, and any other seeds. Premier Tech’s expertise lies in providing efficient and accurate solutions for seed conditioning, empowering our clients to achieve their business goals confidently.

"At Premier Tech, we understand the significance of every individual seed in the agricultural sector," says Simon Roy, President and Chief Operating Officer of Premier Tech Systems and Automation. "Leveraging our robust proficiency in the meticulous cleaning, separation, sorting, packaging, and palletizing of various seeds varieties, we consistently provide enhanced value to our clients. The outcomes observed during testing at our facility are exactly the outcome you can expect upon integration into your own premises, given the tests are produced in an operational environment."

The Zone 89 is amongst the most technologically advanced seed conditioning and testing facilities in North America and a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the innovative technologies and processes that will drive the future of producing high quality seed.

The grand opening is on June 11 in Ankeny. Through engaging live demonstrations and interactive presentations, clients in the seed industry will have the chance to expand their knowledge and engage in meaningful exchanges with field experts.