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New Seed Company Expands Conventional Corn Hybrids (Agri-News)

Date Posted: March 22, 2011

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Eagle Lake, MN (Agri-News -- Jeff Pasker started J. Pasker Seed Co. in 2005 in Eagle Lake because he saw that farmers' seed needs were not being met, and he knew that he could meet them.

Pasker grew up on a farm, graduated from Iowa State University and has been working in the seed business since 1997.

"I worked for a couple of different companies before I decided to strike out on my own," Pasker said. "Farmers just can't get the attention that they want from big companies, and they just don't like dealing with big companies. Farmers feel that big companies want to force their beliefs and ways on consumers. A lot of farmers are fighting back. They'd rather deal with a smaller company that listens to them."

A lot of bigger seed companies are moving away from offering conventional corn hybrids but there are many farmers who want conventional hybrids, Pasker said. The farmers who seek conventional hybrids are having a hard time finding what they want.

"At J. Pasker Seed Co. we are increasing the number of conventional hybrids that we offer," Pasker said. "There are district sales managers with bigger companies who are referring people seeking conventional hybrids to me because they can't supply them."

Pasker currently hires all his testing done, but his goal is to do that in house. Within five years, he wants his own breeding program. His seed is contract produced.

"That way I don't have to have a big cash outlay," Pasker said. "With seed corn, you need a lot of equipment to do that right. I pick different family-owned companies to produce for me."

Pasker is bucking the consolidation trend under way in the seed industry.

"J. Pasker Seed is growing but I don't ever expect to be a big conglomerate," Pasker said. "What I hope to do is get quite a bit of market share in the areas we serve so we can serve them better."

Most farmers are looking for high yield at a decent price, Pasker said.

He explains his philosophy this way:

"What do we do that nobody else is doing? The simple answer is nothing. Everything we do has been done before by other seed companies. We are not reinventing the wheel. We looked at every idea we could find, and selected the good ones and discarded the bad. So what do we do that nobody else is doing? The more complex answer is everything. Because in this area no other seed company is doing everything we are. And by doing everything that we do, we have created a better seed company."

The company has 28 different hybrids for 2011. Last year the company had nine.

"We have tons of new stuff including six new conventional hybrids," Pasker said. "The company also has new traits, Herculex and Herculex Xtra, and some other new traits on the way. Not all farmers need traited corn but it has its place. We carry both."

Another addition is the Advantage soybean line. Advantage Seed, Inc. of Good Thunder is a company with a philosophy similar to J. Pasker. It offers customers the best product available for their area, and at a reasonable price. Pasker said he has six new soybean varieties including two Roundup Ready 2 Yield varieties.

Pasker said he is introducing his brand in southeast Minnesota and northeast Iowa and the Agri News Farm Show will provide more exposure.

Dan Koch of Hawkeye, Iowa, covers the northeast Iowa/southeast Minnesota territory for J. Pasker Seed.

"The Agri News Farm Show fits with our marketing plans," Pasker said.

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