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Turf-Seed, Inc.

PO Box 250
Hubbard, OR 97032
Fax: 503-651-2130

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Gordon Zielinski, CEO
Bill Rose, President

Company Profile

Turf-Seed, Inc., a global leader in the turfgrass industry for over 30 years, assures success by focusing on groundbreaking research, quality production and intense marketing of their high quality turf and forage grass seed varieties.

Pure Seed Testing, formed in 1975, is the research and development arm of Turf-Seed, Inc. and operates the largest private plant breeding facility with two locations in Canby, Oregon and Rolesville, North Carolina. Pure Seed Testing continues to make major advancements in the selection of disease and herbicide resistance, drought and salt tolerance and yields. Supported by a top-notch experienced and professional sales staff, worldwide distribution is achieved through the use of local, national and international distributors and Internet sales to homeowners.