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Thompson Seeds

40321 130th Ave.
Leland, IA 50453
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Thompson Seeds is a family-owned seed company with more than 30 years of experience in soybean variety research, development and sales. In an effort to bring our customers the latest in quality products, we strive to excel in all areas of soybean variety development.

RESEARCH: Our products are backed by our own variety breeding, development and testing program. Hundreds of crosses are made every summer and thousands of plots are evaluated at over a dozen locations each fall in an effort to provide new and better varieties for specific growing areas. Disease and pest control have also become an important part of our program.

CONDITIONING: From planting to harvest, we maintain strict quality control standards and condition our seed using the latest cleaning and conditioning equipment available.

SEED TREATMENT: Maximize your soybean yield profit potential with "SmartCote" seed