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Stokes' Vegetable Seed Catalog Available Online

Date Posted: March 14, 2001

Buffalo, NY -- Stokes Seeds, principal supplier of vegetable and flower seed to commercial growers and home gardeners has recently completed the daunting task of putting their over 3,000 varieties on-line.

Each year, Stokes distributes over 600,000 catalogs. There are currently 19 salesmen servicing Northeastern U.S.A and Canada, each knowledgeable in vegetable production and variety characteristics.

Stokes has transferred this commitment to quality and service on to their newly launched E-Commerce site. Purchasing your seeds on line is just a small part of the site's functionality. Full cultural information is included on every variety. Stokes is currently working on posting fact sheets on a cultivars that are being supplied by the seed distributors.

There is a special section for commercial growers where they can get current news and variety updates. Commercial accounts can also be set up on this secure web site. In the next year, there is plans to offer increased service, by adding a "trace and track your order" feature.

It took over a year to create this dynamic data base. All customer service files were accessed to make sure the most accurate information is on this site. Updates will be made on a continual basis. "The information on the Stokes site is so comprehensive, our own customer service representatives will use it as their main resource to assist customers with their gardening difficulties", states Stokes President. Wayne Gale.

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