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MS Technologies Reports 45 Seed Companies Sign On as Licensees For Balance GT Soybean Performance System

Date Posted: May 3, 2017

West Point, IA (May 1, 2017) — MS Technologies is pleased to announce that more than 45 seed companies have signed on as licensees in preparation to offer the Balance GT Soybean Performance System once all necessary regulatory approvals are completed, and that number continues to grow.

The companies that have signed on include Merschman Seeds in West Point, IA, and Stine Seeds in Adel, IA.

“At Merschman Seeds, our success is based on putting the farmer first,” said Joe Merschman, president of Merschman Seeds. “By adding superior products to our portfolio like the Balance GT Soybean Performance System, we’re building on that success by bringing soybean farmers the best options for their fields.”

“We recognize the need for an additional soybean seed-herbicide trait platform to meet our customers’ needs,” says Myron Stine, president of Stine Seed Company. “Balance GT truly represents a unique solution that we believe will add value to our customers’ operations, and we are excited to be partnering with MS Technologies and Bayer to deliver this new technology to soybean growers.”

The Balance GT Soybean Performance System will benefit soybean growers by providing high-yielding, elite genetics coupled with a double herbicide-tolerant trait stack, protecting against a wide range of broadleaf weeds and grasses.

“This is exciting news for Balance GT,” says Lindsey Seitz, brand manager for MS Technologies. “With more than 45 licensees already on board and more expressing interest, we’re confident soybean growers will enjoy convenient access to this new soybean technology.” MS Technologies will announce additional licensees in the coming weeks and encourages those interested to follow or “like” Balance GT’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to stay up to date on licensee announcements.

By offering the Balance GT Soybean Performance System, licensees will provide customers with a platform that will deliver not only yield improvements but also simple and effective weed management with long-lasting, residual control.

While Balance GT soybeans have received all necessary import approvals, the Balance GT Soybean Performance System will not be commercially available for the 2017 season, as all required regulatory approvals have not yet been received for Balance Bean herbicide.

Balance GT marks the second collaboration for MS Technologies and Bayer, which brought growers the LibertyLink system in 2009. Balance GT will be broadly licensed throughout North America and will provide a strong alternative to current weed management options.

In upcoming years, Balance GT is expected to evolve into a triple-stacked herbicide-tolerant soybean, Balance GTLL, providing tolerance to glyphosate, Balance Bean and Liberty herbicides. ____________________________________________________________________

About MS Technologies

MS Technologies LLC is a leading trait, technology and soybean genetics provider. MS Technologies features a portfolio of in-house traits, as well as wide access to other traits and technologies through collaborative agreements with other parties. For more information about MS Technologies, visit our website.

About Merschman Seeds, Inc.

Merschman Seeds, Inc. is a Midwest family-owned independent seed company located in West Point, IA. Founded in 1954, Merschman Seeds is focused on marketing and distributing the best soybeans, corn, wheat, and alfalfa seeds across the Midwest and Mid-South. Merschman Seeds has a strong connection to farmers with its “farmer first mentality” and industry leading customer service. For more information, call toll-free (800) 848-7333 or visit the website at

About Stine Seed Farm, Inc.

As the nation’s largest independent seed company, Stine Seed Farm, Inc., headquartered near Adel, IA, is focused on developing and marketing the world's best-performing corn and soybean seed through its retail arm, Stine Seed Company. Stine Seed Farm, Inc., and its affiliates operate the industry's largest corn and soybean breeding and development programs, advancing, and testing nearly 1 million unique soybean varieties and more than 100,000 preliminary corn hybrids annually. For nearly four decades, Stine’s soybean research program has been regarded as the soybean genetics supplier of choice to the seed industry. For more information, call toll-free (800) 362-2510 or visit the website at

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