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Golden Harvest / J. C. Robinson Lawsuit Dismissed

Date Posted: July 27, 2001

Peoria, IL -- On Tuesday, July 24, 2001, the U.S. District Court granted The J.C. Robinson Seed Company's motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed against it by the Illinois member companies of Golden Harvest Seeds, Inc.

"We are pleased that the judgment re-enforces what we have contended all along," Ed Robinson, president of The J.C. Robinson Seed Co. said.

In his opinion, the District Court Judge agreed with The J.C. Robinson Seed Co. arguments and cited several reasons for dismissing the suit at the earliest stage in the process of the case. In a nutshell, the judge decided under the current facts that the Illinois member companies have not raised issues sufficient to justify involvement by the court and that the role of the court is not to act in an advisory capacity.

"While the judge's opinion analyzed many different legal concepts and theories that apply to the relationship between the member companies, including fiduciary duties that may be owed to The J.C. Robinson Seed Co. by the Illinois members," Rob Robinson, executive vice president said, "the bottom line is that the judge agreed with the arguments that were raised in our request to dismiss the case, rejected the arguments made by the Illinois members, and dismissed the entire case."

The case should now be over unless the Illinois members ask the Judge to reconsider his decision, or if they appeal his decision to the Court of Appeals.

"While they are free to pursue either or both options, we firmly believe that the Judge made the right decision and that any effort to pursue those options would neither be successful nor beneficial to Golden Harvest," Rob Robinson said.

"The J.C. Robinson Seed Co. intends to continue to be a member of Golden Harvest, to sell Golden Harvest products, and to continue to support the Golden Harvest brand," Doug Robinson, senior vice president of The J.C. Robinson Seed Co. said.

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