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Syngenta Launches CLARIVA Nematicide Seed Treatment for Soybeans

Date Posted: May 28, 2013

Novel innovation against damaging nematodes

First commercial product from Pasteuria Bioscience acquisition

Initial launch in USA for use on soybeans; further registrations pending

Basel, Switzerland (May 27, 2013) -- Syngenta announced today the launch of CLARIVA™, a proprietary seed treatment nematicide based on the Pasteuria technology acquired in 2012.

CLARIVA consists of naturally occurring soil bacteria with a unique, direct mode of action on nematodes: microscopic worm-shaped soil organisms, which cause significant damage to all major agricultural crops.

Syngenta Chief Operating Officer, John Atkin, said: “Soybean growers in particular have long been searching for additional tools to manage the widespread cyst nematode problem, which in the USA alone causes more than a billion dollars of annual yield losses. CLARIVA will take nematode control to a new level and reinforce our global leadership in seed treatment innovation.”

Multi-year field trial data demonstrate that CLARIVA delivers immediate and long-lasting protection of plant root systems resulting in significant yield benefits.

CLARIVA will be available in the USA for the 2014 growing season. It will be combined with other leading Syngenta seed care compounds as a complete solution for soybeans. Further registrations across major crops worldwide are planned.

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