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SoDak Labs Offers Summer Seed Quality Workshops in Brookings, SD

Date Posted: May 17, 2017

Brookings, SD (May 16, 2017) - SoDak Labs plans to offer three classroom style workshops this summer in Brookings, SD.

The workshops include Soybean Quality on June 13, Seed Corn Quality on June 14, and Seed Sampling on June 15.

The corn and soybean workshops will include a mix of lectures on principles and hands-on experience with the following corn and soybean tests:

• Viability tests: crepe cellulose paper (CCP) germination, sand germination, roll towel and tetrazolium (TZ)
• Storage fungi, field fungi, and lab comments for testing
• Vigor Tests: tray cold, saturated cold, accelerated aging (AA)
• Physical Tests: Seed coat damage test, seed moisture, hypochlorite soak test and electrical conductivity
• Herbicide Bioassay: glyphosate, glufosinate, dicamba, and 2,4-D (choline), STS
• ELISA: corn borer, corn rootworm
• Cultivar Purity: hilum check, peroxidase, hypocotyl growout, electrophoresis.

There will be herbicide bioassay and ELISA testing demonstrations along with a laboratory tour.

The workshops are recommended for quality assurance, production, conditioning, and others in the corn and soybean industry.

For the Seed Sampling Workshop, a test result is only as accurate as the sample that was submitted. The importance of sampling is often underestimated.

However, sampling lays the foundation for testing that accurately represents your seed lot. This one day sampling course will give you the opportunity to learn about various rules regarding seed sampling and equipment, as well as provide hands-on sampling techniques.

Upon completion, you will be confident that samples you are submitting to the lab are a true representation of your seed lots.

The cost is $100/person for one workshop or all three days for $225. Lunch and all classroom materials included. Limited to 12 participants per workshop session. Register before June 9.

Call Joyce Kindvall at 605-692-2758 with questions regarding the workshops. The website contains information about instructors and a printable flyer.

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