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Richard Stoner to Address Vertical Farming Association-India

Date Posted: October 15, 2015

Bangalore. India (October 15, 2015) -- Mr. Richard Stoner - managing director of AgriHouse Brands Ltd., Denver, C) - will be the keynote speaker at the Vertical Farming Association-India, Association of Vertical Farming-Munich, Germany & Horticulture Producers Society, (IIHR) Bangalore INDIA, Nov. 2 -3, 2015 - The first session on "Aeroponics as a means of Vertical Farming."

The event is scheduled to take place in Bangalore, India – November 2nd & 3rd 2015.

The AVF’s focus on India is driven by staggering facts that India’s arable land is often contaminated, overused, yields are endangered by droughts or floods. India only has 4% of the world’s sweet water reserves. Three-quarters of the sewage water is not purified, most of the water flowing through urban areas is unsuitable for drinking or fishing. 80% of India’s water resources are used by agriculture.

It is estimated that 590 million people will live in India’s urban areas by the year 2030 – they will need to be fed with safe and sustainable resource saving methods.

VF is a promising new business field which will create new jobs in cities and will be an important technology for the development of sustainable resilient city concepts. The AVF sees India, with its technological expertise, urban expansion, and existing indoor farming knowledge as a critical player in the global development of sustainable vertical farming.

Richard J Stoner
Richard is the Chief Technology Officer and a Director for Living Greens Farm Inc, Faribault, Minnesota USA founded 2012. With 30 years experience, Richard is considered by many in the agriculture and horticultural industry to be the father of American aeroponic technology. He has been the Principal Investigator of numerous NASA & the National Science Foundation R&D grants. His advances in agricultural-technology have been featured and tested on NASA's space shuttle, and field tested by the USDA. Richard hold patents on BEYOND All Natural Plant Amendment, an organic biocontrol control, Aeroponic Systems, and Leaf Sensor Technologies that were funded and sponsored by NASA, Colorado State University, University of Colorado and the Colorado Institute for Research in Biotechnology.

Mr. Stoner is the founder of Genesis Technology Inc, Aeroponic International Inc, EnviroGen Inc, AgriHouse Inc, and AgriHouse International LLC INDIA. He is the managing director of AgriHouse Brands Ltd, Denver, Colorado. Richard’s pioneering work has been featured on TV including the History Channel and Discovery. His work has been published in NASA Spin off Publications (2006, 2008, and 2012) and Irrigation Science (2012). Richard Stoner’s leading-edge agritechology efforts and technology have been cited in Dickson Despommier's book The Vertical Farm: Feeding the World in the 21st Century (2011). More information on Richard Stoner can be found on and and NASA’s web site.