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Grassland Oregon Announces New High-Sugar Grass Mix For Overseeding

Date Posted: September 18, 2007

Keizer, OR (Sept. 10, 2007) -– Grassland Oregon announces the introduction of Pasture Sweet’ner™, a SucraSEED™ mix created specifically for overseeding existing pastures. The addition of Pasture Sweet’ner further expands the line of high-sugar grass seed products that are designed to increase dairy milk yield and livestock growth while reducing environmental pollution.

Pasture Sweet’ner combines high concentrations of high-sugar grasses into a mix specifically formulated for overseeding applications. “It’s designed for farmers who want the benefits of high-sugar grasses, but are not in a position to completely replace their existing pastures,“ says Jerry Hall, research director for Grassland Oregon.

Unlike the flagship SucraSEED products (Cash Cow™, Beef Bank™, and Great Gains™), which are formulated to create pastures to meet specific livestock needs. Pasture Sweet’ner is an all-purpose mix that has been created for use with all ruminant animals.

About SucraSEED™

High-sugar grasses are best known for producing increases in livestock weight gains and milk production; however, there are other significant advantages to the high-sugar grass found in SucraSEED mixes. U.S. farmers that have adopted SucraSEED have seen demonstrable improvements in animal preference, early spring growth, as well as enhanced weed suppression, drought and cold tolerances.

The SucraSEED mixtures produce a progressive variety of high-sugar forage grass that is in wide use in Europe and New Zealand, and now the US, with profitable results.

The grasses contain high levels of water-soluble carbohydrates (sugars), which, by providing extra energy to microbes in the animals’ rumen, allow the animals to digest more of the protein that they take in. As a result, more grass protein is converted to milk and meat, and less is excreted as unused nitrogen into the land — which is a significant environmental benefit.

SucraSEED offers an advantage in the context of future farming practices — the grasses were developed through traditional breeding methods, and therefore are not genetically modified organisms (GMO).

In addition to the new Pasture Sweet’ner and just released Sweet Silage™ products, Grassland Oregon’s SucraSEED product line includes mixtures specially formulated for specific livestock: Beef Bank (for cattle) Cash Cow (for dairy) and Great Gains (for sheep and goats).

Grassland Oregon is a progressive seed company based in Keizer, Oregon, in the heart of the seed industry. The company markets turf grasses and specializes in forage grass seed mixtures specifically blended for use in grazing livestock.

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