With Approval of LibertyLink GT27, Peterson Farms Seed Announces New Products for 2019

Harwood, ND (July 3, 2018) - On the heels of full approval by the Philippines, Peterson Farms Seed, headquartered near Prosper, ND, announces a full line-up of newly approved LibertyLink® GT27™ soybeans for the 2019 growing season.

LibertyLink GT27, a new soybean trait, has been awaiting approval for export from the Philippine government. With the announcement of approval today, regional farmers will now have access to products with tolerance to both glyphosate and Liberty.

“Full approval of the LibertyLink GT27 system opens up new opportunities for farmers struggling with difficult to control and glyphosate resistant weeds in our region,” said Carl Peterson, president of Peterson Farms Seed. “We are really excited to have LibertyLink GT27 varieties in our product line up for this fall and to provide farmers with an effective, and safe, tool for weed control.”

Peterson Farms Seed has been testing LibertyLink GT27 varieties on regional soils since 2017. In addition to replicated testing, LibertyLink GT27 varieties are also planted in Peterson Farms Seed Grower Observation (GO) Plots throughout the region.

Peterson Farms Seed will offer 8 LibertyLink GT27 varieties this fall ranging from Mid Group 0 to Early Group 2. The 2019 product line-up, including LibertyLink GT27, will be available for order in early August.

Farmers are invited to tour GO Plots in their area to observe LibertyLink GT27 beans this summer. A full listing of GO Plot locations is attached to this release. Goplot 2018

Peterson Farms Seed remains an independent, family-owned company which has grown to be the largest, independent corn and soybean seed company in the upper Midwest. As an independent, the company has the freedom to select genetics and traits that best fit the needs of regional farmers rather than being tied to one breeding program and trait platform. The company’s extensive replicated testing program is well-known throughout the region. For more information, see their website at www.PetersonFarmsSeed.com.