Incotec Launches Three Seed Enhancers

(May 15, 2018) - Seed enhancement company Incotec has three new products which will be launched later this month. 

The introductions are an innovative film coat for corn and one for sunflower seed, as well as a major development in the company’s proprietary X-ray upgrading technology. In-depth information on the products will be available in stand 615-616 at the trades exhibition at the annual ISF-congress in Brisbane, Australia on June 3-6.

Disco AG Red L-460 for corn

Incotec’s Disco AG Red L-460 specifically targets corn-related challenges like dust and abrasion and is initially developed for Europe and Latin America.

This new film coat delivers optimal protection for corn, safer working conditions during processing and a cosmetically attractive product. The film coat, developed in close cooperation with the Croda R&D team, will initially be launched in Europe and Latin America. It specifically targets corn-related challenges including dust and abrasion.

Disco AG Blue L-570 for sunflower

Incotec’s Disco AG Blue L-570 for sunflower has built-in properties that will speed up processing time and increase efficiency.

The L-570 is a vivacious light blue film coat with properties built into it that will speed up processing time and increase efficiency. The coated seeds flow easily through equipment allowing highly accurate positioning of seeds at planting which results in optimal spacing for healthy plant growth.

X-ray eXpress upgrading

Incotec’s X-ray eXpress upgrading is fast and flexible.

Incotec’s X-ray upgrading technology is a highly accurate method of significantly increasing the quality of a seed lot. Incotec has been working with this technology for many years and has recently made remarkable progress and can now offer X-ray upgrading with a significantly reduced turn-around time.

By observing traits and characteristics of every seed embryo, any seeds with aberrations can be detected and separated from top quality ones. The process is flexible and can be adjusted to meet the customers required percentage of usable plants.

Anniversary year: 50 years of Incotec

Incotec has been developing and marketing seed enhancement products and technologies since 1968, and this year marks the company’s 50th anniversary. In those 50 years, Incotec has grown to become an independent all-round seed enhancement business with products and technologies for a wide range of vegetable and field crops all over the world.

Incotec is a leading international seed enhancement company founded in 1968 and part of the Croda Group. Incotec provides products and services for seed coating, pelleting, seed enhancement and analytical services for genetic analysis and quality inspection around the world. Incotec contributes significantly to the development of sustainable agriculture worldwide by providing key solutions in the business areas of vegetables and field crops. Incotec is headquartered in the Netherlands, and has production facilities all over the world including the USA, Brazil and China. For more information go to