Horizon Ag Launches Redesigned Website To Support Customers, Industry Partners

Memphis, TN (April 24, 2018) - Horizon Ag is excited to announce it has launched a redesigned website with the goal of making it easier for rice farmers and seed retail partners to access important tools and information about the latest Clearfield varieties and new Provisia™ rice.

The site was updated to enhance the user's experience and provide valuable information rice farmers can use to increase productivity and profitability.

"At Horizon Ag, we are always striving to improve our ability to serve our customers and support our retail and technology partners as we work together to improve the sustainability of the U.S. rice industry," says Dr. Tim Walker, general manager of Horizon Ag. "This latest evolution of our website provides easier-to-access variety information and a greater depth of agronomic support that rice farmers need today."

For example, farmers looking for information about the first Provisia rice variety, PVL01, will be able to more easily access variety characteristics as well as best management practices for this valuable new technology.

The Provisia Rice System gives farmers an effective tool to manage weedy rice, including rice volunteers that are resistant to herbicides like Newpath® and Beyond®, and multi-herbicide-resistant grasses.

Farmers will also be able to conveniently identify and locate the Horizon Ag seed retailers nearest their farms.

"In the past year, we have made changes in our business to help us more effectively meet the needs of rice farmers and seed retailers, today and for seasons to come," says Dr. Walker. "This website redesign is an example of that ongoing commitment and is another step as we strive to be a reliable, supportive partner and rice industry leader."